Invest in the Green Economy

The green economy means good, stable jobs. Many Canadian industries are already there, from ecotourism to renewable energy, fisheries to fine wines, green infrastructure leads to economic growth and more liveable communities. Green jobs grow Canada’s middle class and strengthen its global competitiveness.

Yet the Liberals and Conservatives wrongly pit our environment against our economy. They keep insisting we bind our future to the extractive industries, which not only deplete and destroy our natural resources but also put us at the mercy of global market booms and busts. Fossil fuels are risky and costly to extract, to transport and to subsidize. And Canadian workers deserve better options.

Canada spends $3.3 billion on fossil fuel subsidies. That’s enough to educate 260,000 students, provide a hospital bed for 16 million days, or retrain 330,000 workers.

It’s time to upgrade our economy. We need to expand our narrowing focus and invest in the Green industries that create reliable, long-term jobs and diversify our local value chains. We need national investments that meet our cities’ infrastructure needs, encourage smart growth and lift up Canadian workers.

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